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The best machines for the industrial production of ice cream in India

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Ice cream is one of those universal treats everybody loves, and people in India are not any different. It goes without saying that in a densely populated country such as India, the ice cream market has immense potential. 

According to recent studies, the ice cream market in India is estimated to grow exponentially, reaching a worth of 3.4 billion dollars. Indian customers are becoming regulars at ice cream parlors.

Of course, this trend also draws consumer attention to pre-packaged ice cream products. These are excellent premises for anyone wishing to launch an ice cream-making business to become one of the best industrial ice cream makers in India

For those entrepreneurs who wish to step into this rewarding industrial market in India, it may be of value to know that for over 30 years, Teknoice has been manufacturing 100% Made in Italy customized machines for the ice cream industry. The great advantage of working with Teknoice to set up a plant to become one of the best industrial ice cream makers in India is that the Company offers a variety of machines that are all different and customizable.

Below you can read how Teknoice can support you. 

Teknoice can help you Choose the best Pasteurizing Machines for your Ice Cream Products

Ever wondered what the best commercial ice cream machines in India are? If you are serious about investing in an ice cream making plant, you should know that the answer is Teknoice with its TEKNOMIX systems. 

The TEKNOMIX machines pasteurize and homogenize the ice cream, the first step in any ice cream production. In addition to making ice cream safe for consumption, these machines mix and break down the ingredients into the smallest possible particles to ensure the creamiest and finest product texture. They also help balance the ingredients and temperature for better results. Moreover, they are easy to use and clean, requiring minimal maintenance. 

Teknoice Innovative CO2 Freezers Help you and the Environment

The second step in producing ice cream is to turn the mixed ingredients into actual ice cream, which means moving to the freezing stage. Freezers come in all sizes and shapes and use coolants of various kinds, but Teknoice has surpassed all the competition thanks to its innovative CO2 freezers

These products are absolutely the best since they offer significant advantages, from energy savings to eco-friendly features that include non-toxic coolants. You can learn more about these innovative freezers in the dedicated section on the website.

Cones, Cups, and Tubs: Teknoice Filling Machines

Now that your ice cream has been frozen to perfection, it is finally time to give shape to your product. The best way to do this is by using a Teknoice filling machine. Whether you have envisioned cones, cups, or tubs for your production, with Teknoice filling machines all your needs are covered, these machines are the most flexible and adaptable ones available on the market, and their productivity can match exactly what you have in mind, ranging from 1500 to 36000pcs/h.

Important details such as spraying devices, dosers, and positioners allow customizing shapes, sizes, and products. You can choose from linear or rotary machines depending on the space available. You can always rest assured that every workstation will maximize production and reduce waste. Thanks to these machines, you will enjoy an excellent ROI, and you will be on the road to success.

Teknoice Line for Extruded Ice Cream with or without a Stick

Has your dream always been to produce an attractively shaped ice cream with or without a stick? Now you can! Instead of a filling machine, or in addition to it, you can add a Teknoice extruding machine to your plant. 

These machines can allow you to produce those fantastic ice creams you have in mind, including delicious ice cream sandwich products, ice cream on a stick or really any type of frozen treat you fancy. You can also produce many of them, because Teknoice machines have productivity ranging from 4000pcs/h up to 18000pcs/h.

It is important to know that these machines have the highest customization options, varying from the quantity of ice cream you wish to make to the shape and much more.

Teknoice: The Best Industrial Ice Cream Machines out there

In short: call Teknoice if you are looking for an ice cream-making machine for your factory. The Company offers a full range of ice cream machines for industrial and semi-industrial producers. It can support you in creating your production plant from scratch thanks to its highly customizable solutions, excellent quality, and prices every step of the way, from pasteurization to freezing, shaping, and packaging. With Teknoice, your new Company will hit the ground running and be set for success right from the start. 

Contact Teknoice today and learn what it can do for your industrial ice cream production business!