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Teknofill Linear

Teknofill: Linear Ice Cream Filling Machines

Teknoice’s linear filling machine range has a solution for every customer: the most important feature of all our equipment is flexibility, making every project possible and customized.
Teknoice’s Team is always ready to assist and work with the customer to find the best solution. An ice cream cup can have endless shapes, sizes, capacity, packaging etc. Knowing all these details is essential for Teknoice to offer the right machine, equipped with the right stations, and optimized to fit into the production space available.

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Touch screen operation panel
  • Dosing systems installed on guide rail, easy to set
  • Quick-release system to change ice cream shape
  • Volumetric chocolate dosing system
  • Heating for chocolate dosing stations
  • Individual and adjustable solid ingredients alimentation system

Manufacturing high quality equipment is a focus for Teknoice: materials and parts are sourced from Italian or European suppliers, production is entirely in Italy, next door to our R&D offices. Allowing for constant attention to detail at every step of the process.

Why choose a Teknoice Linear Ice Cream Filling Machine – we combine flexibility with high production capacity. There is no limit to customization: even the footprint of our machines can be adjusted according to the project, so that all the needed working stations can fit into the production space. More working stations allows for more possible products which is key to standing above your competitors.

Contact us to find out more, or to choose the most suitable model for you:

    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.