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Teknoline: Ice Cream extrusion and hardening lines

Every Teknoline ice cream extrusion line, just as all Teknoice equipment, is the result of more than 40 years’ experience in the market and a team with even more years of experience in the ice cream industry.

Made with only Italian and European materials and parts, Teknoice equipment is 100% produced in Italy, closely followed by our R&D team to ensure that quality is maintained at every stage.

Teknoice offers a productivity from 4000pcs/h up to 36000pcs/h.
The right Teknoline must be chosen for each customer, considering both type and quantity of ice cream. Teknoice’s team is always ready to study each project and find the best solution, including customizations where possible and needed.


Teknoline Singlelane

Every ice cream factory needs an extrusion line: it is essential to produce extruded ice cream, sandwiches, ice cream bars and many other products.


Teknoline Multilane

Teknoice offers a range of extrusion lines for medium and large productions of ice cream on sticks, sandwiches, individual desserts, ice cream bars, wafer cups, ball cones and much more.


Hardening Tunnels

HT tunnels are designed to rapidly harden cones, cups, family packs, cakes and more with a small investment of time and space, in relation to productivity.