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Teknofreeze CO2

TEKNOFREEZE CO2: Teknoice’s innovative solution in ice cream freezing

The Teknofreeze CO2 models, with a productivity range between 50 l/h and 4000l/h, can satisfy any ice cream producer’s volumes.

Design and technology are key factors in the manufacture of these freezers to accomplish a compact machine that can fit everywhere without taking too much space.

Choosing CO2 as refrigerant gas is the way of the future: it takes into account two main challenges of today. Being aware of our impact on the environment (global restricting laws) and the increasing quality in available frozen treat products, specifically ice cream and having a smaller solids percentage.

Advantages of using CO2 as refrigerant:

CO2 is a great alternative as it has less impact on the environment and the ozone. It is a solution to respond to the laws that are being introduced worldwide such as GWP (Global Warming Potential). Our CO2 Teknofreeze has significantly less impact on the environment than continuous freezers using other refrigerants and can be used everywhere.

Quality of ice cream produced with a CO2 continuous freezer is definitely higher: thanks to the high refrigerant strength of this gas, we can achieve lower temperatures in less time. Which in return increases the overall quality of ice cream as it results in a finer structure.

By achieving lower temperatures in a quicker time, we are able to succeed in large energy savings: ice cream produced with a CO2 continuous freezer will also require less time in a hardening tunnel.

Safety note: CO2 is not toxic and easy to handle with care. CO2 remains inside the freezer but can be stored outside the production area.

Lobe pumps

This solution is standard on all CO2 Teknofreeze models and has limited maintenance and the best durability compared with other options on the market.


Teknoice’s dashers have been designed to optimize beating of the mix and time in contact with the internal wall of the cylinder: this smoother process creates smaller ice cream crystals which results in a finer structure of ice cream.

Control panel

Every Teknofreeze running on CO2 has a Siemens touch panel as a standard: it is connected to a central PLC, so that the operator can easily check and set in real time all the main parameters. The software is 100% developed internally and it is designed to make sure every function can be easily and completely managed by the operator.

Models proposed

Nominal prod
at -5°C
Min production
Refrigerant gasCooling capacity
required (kW)
* Total installed
electrical power (kw)
Net dimensions
* Net weight
Teknofreeze 1x70070050400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO2175.41770x700x2080690
Teknofreeze 2x7001400100400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO2349.51770x700x2080870
Teknofreeze 1x1000100050400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO22622.21800x700x2080780
Teknofreeze 1x20002000100400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO25221.91800x700x20801100
Teknofreeze 2x10002000200400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO25211.62270x700x20801270
Teknofreeze 2x20004000400400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phasesR744 / CO210421.92270x700x20801800

* Data may vary on double lobe extraction pump option – All models are available with double lobe extraction pump

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