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Ice cream cups

There are endless possibilities for the variety of cups industrial ice cream manufacturers can produce.

Consumed worldwide, from convenience stores to large supermarkets, in multipacks for families or used as single serves in hotels, restaurants or any catering service.

Cups can have endless configurations, from the container shape, material to the lid. These details, along with the ice cream specifications are essential to selecting the right accessories and working stations to have on a Teknofill filling machine.

Just as with ice cream cones, cups can have many customizations: main filling can be of one or two flavors, enriched with chocolate, caramel or any other syrup. They can be decorated with nuts, dry fruits or small chunks of almost anything.

And there’s more… bigger inclusions can be added, normally at the bottom of the cup. Again, these can be dry fruit, chocolate or candies: once the working station is fitted onto the main body of the filling machine, you are only limited by your imagination.

All styles of cups can be produced on a Teknofill ice cream filling machine. Many accessories are designed for this machine in order for manufacturers to customize their cups as they please. Every station of the machine is built to be highly precise and accurate.

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