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Our assistance

All Teknoice’s machines are built with high quality materials and parts however at some stage all equipment requires maintenance. We understand the importance of optimizing costs and down time during these times. Should a problem arise, all our customers can be assured that our support team is ready and available to assist.

A team that works together stays together

Over the years Teknoice has extended its commercial and support Team. Our core group works closely together at our main HQ while we have other team members all around the globe. A Teknoice team member will be closer than you think!

In addition, our team is often travelling to install new machines or for scheduled maintenance: we inform our customers in the same area of the presence of a team member to take advantage if needed.

Always connected

Thanks to our Teleservice, many issues can be solved in no time and without waiting for a team member to be in your region. You can connect with our support team remotely, so they can check all settings and values, as well as errors highlighted by the machine and find a solution. Easy, isn’t it?

Spare parts

At Teknoice we are very proud of our spare parts team. They provide timely feedback and special offers that can prevent problems or help with general maintenance. We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our automated vertical spare parts warehouses are the extra helping hand that make preparation of our orders quick and accurate.

Specific catalogues are available: they are completed with exploded view drawings and pictures to easily determine the part you need.