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Ice cream sticks

Ice cream sticks, along with cones, are the most consumed products of industrial ice cream manufacturers across the world.

Its iconic shape is often what you imagine when you envision ice cream. When we talk about ice cream on sticks, we not only refer to the classic creamy treat covered with chocolate, but also the products shaped as cartoon heroes and other special characters and shapes that are attractive to children. Ice cream sticks are perfect for retail shops, cafes and small and large supermarkets that can sell multipacks for family consumption.

Everything can be customized: shape, flavors (one or two normally), coatings, inclusions and much more. As the ice cream industry has developed, starting from its very first appearance, creativity, marketing and commercial requirements have evolved together with technology. This means it is more important than ever to be ahead of trends, delivering new products and being in line with customers’ expectations. Double coatings, special swirls of caramel or syrup inside the ice cream and much more. Everything can be customized to stand out and above competitors.

All ice cream sticks are produced on Teknoline extrusion lines, developed to grant the highest capacity, flexibility, and quality. Finally, add a Teknowrap wrapping machine to complete the line.

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