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Teknomix Batch

BATCH pasteurizing system for ice cream production

Teknomix Batch is the perfect solution for semi-industrial and smaller ice cream producers, with a productivity range between 300l/h and 1200l/h.

This system is composed of processes which perfectly mix and pasteurize the ice cream mix before it is frozen in a continuous freezer.

This high-quality pasteurizing and homogenizing system impacts the final texture of the ice cream. All main ingredients are perfectly combined resulting in the smoothest final product. The more precise this process is, the better the quality of the final ice cream, whether it be artisanal or industrial.

  • Touch-screen operator panel to set all process steps and check all main settings
  • Hot water preparation group, to be connected to customer’s steam or water main circuit
  • Two vats for ingredient mixing and heating of the mix up to 82/85°C (each vat has a stirrer)
  • Hygienic pump to transfer mix from heating vats to homogenizer
  • Homogenizer with pneumatic control of pressure, safety valve, by-pass valve and pressure gauge
  • Plate heat exchanger in four sections to cool mix down from +82/85°C to +35/40°C, with tower or mains water, then to +4/5° with chilled water
  • Liter counting unit
  • Stainless steel basement

Non-stop production

The Teknomix Batch system is equipped with two heating tanks: this allows, after the starting phase, to produce every hour as much ice cream as the tank’s capacity. A continuous cycle can be created by alternating, while the first pasteurizing tank is being emptied, the second one can be fed with ingredients and heated up.

Teknomix Batch: available capacities and models in comparison

power KM
Mains water
capacity (Liters/hour)
Tower water
flow (Liters/hour)
Chilled water
capacity (liters / hour)
Heating KCALNet dimensions *
Net weight
Teknomix 3003008.6120620150038700340X140X180940
Teknomix 60060010.5120920300061530370X150X1951200
Teknomix 1200120014.025030002400118600465X195X2101690

(*) Boiler / steam group excluded

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