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Family packs, bulks, and tubs

Refers to all containers between 500ml and 2 liters that are normally sold in supermarkets and come in various styles and sizes of packaging.

Bulks can also come in larger 4 and 5 liters tubs and are mainly produced by industrial ice cream manufacturers to sell to ice cream shops. Larger bulks are also produced for catering services and HORECA to serve ice cream on their menus.

They are the perfect solution for any producer wanting to have a wide range of flavors in ice cream shops, keeping particular attention to the optimization of their production costs and offer.

There are various options and customizations available for producing  . Once the container material, shape and size are chosen, it is then decided how many flavours to be filled per tub and if there will be any decoration. Ice cream can be dosed in different shapes and can have inclusions, caramel or other fruit syrups.

To create a unique final product, special toppings can be added: nuts, candies, fruit, chocolate, cookies and much more. Teknoice filling machines allow for the possibility to produce various varieties of family packs and bulks while making a product which is distinctive in the market.

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