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Teknowrap Flowpack

Teknowrap: automatic flowpack wrapping machine for the ice cream industry

Teknoice has a large range of wrapping machines, designed specifically for industrial ice cream production, that can be found at the end of extrusion lines or machines for sticked products. All extruded products, such as sticks, bars, sandwiches and bites are normally wrapped with a flowpack. Other products that are normally produced on an ice cream filling machine can also be wrapped by a flowpack machine, such as ball cones, wafer cups and much more. Popsicles and molded sticks are also on the list.

  • Dual reel carrier
  • Adjustable system for constant check of unrolling film and tension
  • Touch screen panel and Siemens HMI with Teknoice software installed

Flowpack wrapping machines: the Teknoice standard and solution

Teknoice’s flowpack machines fall into two categories: standard and reversed.
Standard it the most common way products are wrapped: the film, white or printed, is unrolled from the carrier and shaped around the ice cream. The seal joint is found underneath below, thanks to multiple sealing rollers.
Reversed wrapping machines are a solution introduced by Teknoice that turns the system upside down, preserving precision and quality of the product as well as hygiene and neatness of the machine. Ice cream is directly placed onto the film and sealed from the top by sealing rollers.

This solution avoids the use of conveyors and drive systems which again helps to keep the integrity of the ice cream, especially products covered with chocolate which are easily damaged by pocket conveyors on standard machines. The reversed system also requires less maintenance.

Teknoice offers professional solutions for all productivity ranges: Teknoline Multilane for large producers and single and double lane flowpack wrapping machines for small to medium producers.

Teknowrap machines can be used on any extrusion or molded stick line and can be added to an existing plant.

Models proposed

Hourly production
(pieces / hour)
Capacity strokes/min# rows
Teknowrap R15.500/6.0001001
Teknowrap R211.000/12.0001002
Teknowrap S17.000/7.2001201
Teknowrap S29.000/10.0001501

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    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.