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Teknofreeze Freon

TEKNOFREEZE FREON: FREON Teknoice’s continuous freezers

Freon continuous freezers are the plug and play solution for every ice cream producer. With their range of productivity between 90l/h and 2000l/h they can satisfy both the semi-industrial and large industrial ice cream producers.

The onboard frigorific unit makes them easy to be installed: once they are plugged to electricity and water, they are ready to run.

Thanks to over 40 years of experience in the ice cream industry and our advances in technical knowledge, Teknoice’s freezers are the first for customers around the globe and currently in 120 countries.

All materials and parts used deserve a special mention: Teknoice selects its suppliers among Italian and European leaders. Our equipment is 100% Made in Italy, closely followed by our R&D Team, to ensure quality at every stage of production.

All Teknofreeze continuous freezers in the Freon range are available both with either piston or lobe pumps and they both require very little maintenance. Each with different technical capabilities that make them flexible and perfect both for semi-industrial and industrial ice cream.

TEKNOFREEZE with piston pumps

This is a Teknoice patented system. It allows us to measure with great accuracy the ingredients in the mix and air going into the freezing barrel, to ensure the product flow is without any variation.

TEKNOFREEZE with lobe pumps

The lobes of each pump are composed of anti-friction material which do not come into contact aiming for low maintenance and wear. Teknoice’s continuous freezers with lobe pumps are particularly efficient with ice cream recipes that have small inclusions such as seeds, fibers etc.


Teknoice’s dashers have been designed to optimize beating of the mix and time in contact with the internal wall of the cylinder: this smoother process creates smaller ice cream crystals which results in a finer structure of ice cream.

Command panel

All Teknoice’s continuous freezers are available as fully electronic, with a Siemens touch panel and a software which is 100% developed internally. The touch screen panel is directly connected to the central PLC enabling the operator to easily and rapidly set every parameter.

100% inverter-driven motors

All Teknoice continuous freezers are flexible and easy to use thanks to the inverters that automatically control all motors: dasher, pumps, and compressors.


The new Deep Ice continuous freezer has two freezing barrels, mounted so they are able churn ice cream at a temperature between -5°C and -10°C, depending on the product’s need. This is the result of its larger cold surface when compared to standard freezers. This system allows a higher percentage of water crystals inside the mix to freeze, resulting in a finer structure of the ice cream, even with a small percentage of solids.

Ice cream consistency is dry and uniform, firmer and colder, making it ideal for extruded ice cream and bulks.

Its possible capacity is linked with the desired outlet temperature: at -5°C it is possible to reach 2000l/h, at -10°C the maximum will be 1100l/h (considering a 100% overrun).

Teknofreeze Deep Ice continuous freezer is designed to create the best possible ice cream, focusing on not only temperature but quality.

Models proposed

Nominal prod at -5°C
Min production
at -9°C
Circulating tower water
(in 25°C - out 28°C)
Tower water
Minimum water
Total power
installed (kW)
Net dimensions
Net weight
Teknofreeze 40045090-400 V, 50Hz, 3 phasesR-507 / R-449A26003-5% of total
circulating water
1,5 Bar13.1170/70/188680
Teknofreeze 600700150-400 V, 50Hz, 3 phasesR-507 / R-449A34003-5% of total
circulating water
1,5 Bar19.4170/70/188680
Teknofreeze 800900200-400 V, 50Hz, 3 phasesR-507 / R-449A51003-5% of total
circulating water
1,5 Bar24.4160/85/188800
Teknofreeze 16001800250-400 V, 50Hz, 3 phasesR-507 / R-449A100003-5% of total
circulating water
1,5 Bar44.6238/104/2121340
Teknofreeze Deep Ice20004001300400 V, 50Hz, 3 phasesR-507 / R-449A180003-5% of total
circulating water
1,5 Bar62.55290/90/2001515

* Available in CM version – for molded ice cream sticks

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    This model can be inserted in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for the entire production line.