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Teknomix HTST

HTST system for ice cream production

The Teknomix HTST (High Temperature Short Time) is a solution for industrial ice cream mix preparation in large quantities: perfect for medium and large producers with a productivity range between 1200l/h and 5000l/h.

The system is composed of different stations which all cooperate to mix ingredients and create a final product which is well homogenized and pasteurized, with the finest possible texture. The quality of ice cream is determined by not only the ingredients but how well this process is completed.

The Teknomix HTST method heats the mix up to 85°C in two steps: first in heating tanks and then by the heat exchanger. The temperature must be preserved for at least 40 seconds. A probe will check that the temperature remains at 85°C. Should it detect a different temperature, the process will be repeated by sending the mix back. This allows all of the mix to complete the process successfully.

An advantage of Teknoice’s HTST pasteurization system is the heat exchanging which occurs between the ice cream mix and mains or tower water. In many parts of the circuit the two liquids will meet, allowing the temperature to increase or decrease. This results in a saving of costs, energy and space.

  • Hot water preparation group to be connected to customer’s steam or water main circuit
  • Temperature and pressure controls, safety control with circulation pump
  • Two vats for ingredient mixing (each vat mounts a stirrer)
  • Homogenizer with automatic pressure control
  • Plate heat exchanger with four sections: recovery, mix pasteurization via circulation of hot water, precooling of the mix with mains or tower water, cooling of mix with chilled water
  • Liter counting unit
  • Triblender

Non-stop production

Having two pasteurizers means being able to set a continuous working flow, both the mix and heating tanks have the same capacity. While the first one is being emptied, the second can be filled with new ingredients. A continuous flow also optimizes the use of the plate heat exchanger.

Teknomix HTST: available capacities and models in comparison

capacities on request
(liters / hour)
power kM
Mains water
Chilled water
capacity (liters / hour)
Heating KCALNet dimensions
* (l/w/h)
Net weight
Teknomix 60060012520200038700536X160X2101700
Teknomix 12001200151050400061530592X350X2101990
Teknomix 20002000301400650010500713x350x2102405
Teknomix 3000300045230010000155000760x357x2754550

(*) Boiler / steam group excluded

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