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Testing new ice cream products with R&D equipment

Being ahead of new trends and offering a diverse product range is essential for all ice cream producers.

Testing with small batches to understand feasibility and study how the market accepts new products can be a real advantage. Having the right equipment to do this means you won’t need to interfere with production of your main products, translating in big savings of costs, time and resources.

Teknoice offers a complete range of equipment built especially for the purpose of R&D. This equipment can be used to test small batches of a new recipe or to test a new product in small volumes. Our mini production lines meet all our usual standards, allowing you to produce the same quality of ice cream you can expect on larger lines.


Teknomix HTST 100 e Teknofreeze 400

First step is often testing new recipes of mixes. A small pasteurizing plant and a small Teknofreeze continuous freezer is what you need.

The Teknomix HTST 100 pasteurizing plant is simply a smaller version of our larger plants. It allows you to test with the same quality equipment and be able to store the values and scale up when you move to a larger production line.

Teknomix HTST 100 e Teknofreeze 400


This lab tunnel is perfect for testing new products. Thanks to its flexibility and wide range of available accessories, it is able to produce small batches of ice cream: sticked products, sandwiches, cones and cups.

Teknoice’s Teknolab is composed of a working table where various working stations can be installed. Among the long list of accessories there are options for both extruded and filled ice creams. All available stations are the same as what you find on our larger lines: dosing, cutting and mechanical movements. This means being able to test both the products and the process, so that all parameters can be transposed onto larger lines later. Helping to make the move to a larger line in the future simple and efficient.

The Teknolab also has its own hardening tunnel that in just a few hours will harden freeze products, ready for taste testing.

Capacity is 100 pieces / hour (produced and hardened).

Contact us to find out more, or to choose the most suitable model for you:

    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.