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TEKNOMIX - Teknoice’s range of pasteurizing plants

Pasteurizing and homogenizing are the first steps in making ice cream for both industrial and artisanal producers. It enables the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed and break down all particles to their smallest possible size resulting in creamy and smooth final texture.

Perfecting the ice cream recipe is also important but the common challenge can be finding the right balance between preparing ingredients at the right temperature.

All Teknomix lines are user-friendly, easy to clean and require little maintenance, saving costs and time.

Teknomix BATCH

Teknomix Batch is the perfect solution for semi-industrial and smaller ice cream producers, with a productivity range between 300l/h and 1200l/h.


Teknomix HTST

The Teknomix HTST (High Temperature Short Time) is a solution for industrial ice cream mix preparation in large quantities: perfect for medium and large producers with a productivity range between 1200l/h and 5000l/h.