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Teknofill Rotary

Rotary ice cream filling machines from Teknoice

Teknoice has two types of rotary filling machines, both have a focus on flexibility, with attention to productivity and space optimization. With both options we can satisfy all customers’ requirements.

  • Stainless steel main frame
  • Stainless steel rotating plate (divided in sections for the VFR-X or a single section for the Teknofill 4000)
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Safety protections and buttons on doors

Together they cover the complete range of industrial ice creams that require a filling machine: cones, cups, bulks, tubs, family packs and push ups. A standard quality for both machines is high precision: the systems are based on high performance motors (mechanical for the Teknofill 4000 and brushless for the VFR-X), that grant smooth movements and perfect synchronization of all working stations.

Both machines are completely configured: all available working stations can be installed to customize the final product, from ice cream dosers (shape, diameter, ripple, etc.) to the sealing method (thermosealing, with cap etc).

It is possible to save a high number of recipes on the machines, both of them having an electronic control: meaning all movements will be automatically set to respect every working station and their timings, according to what has been previously selected for that final product.

Rotary filling machines can be the right solution for those stepping up to being an industrial or semi-industrial producer: easy to use and with very little maintenance, they have at their core all Teknoice’s experience. Rotary fillers are a relatively small investment for the production volumes they output and the flexibility they allow for.

Contact us to find out more, or to choose the most suitable model for you:

    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.