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Machines for richer ice cream products

In semi-industrial and industrial ice cream production some small but important equipment can allow you to create new or improved products with an equally small investment. Teknoice offers equipment which is easy to use, built with quality materials and can widen your range of possible products.


This machine helps the operator to hand-fill cups and tubs in a semi-automatic way. The maximum size of the container should not exceed 5 liters. It is easily mounted to a continuous freezer and very flexible. It can have up to four dosers for different flavours. Dosers are available in many shapes to customize the final product and it’s possible to connect to a ripple pump.

Ripple Pump

The ripple pump has a large tank that can hold syrups and caramel. It is plugged directly into a Teknofreeze continuous freezer or to an ice cream filling machine to add another feature to your product with little effort. There is also a model which can hold liquid chocolate thanks to a heated hopper.

Fruit Feeder

The Fruit Feeder is available in two versions (1200 and 3000) depending on the needed capacity and connects to a continuous freezer. It adds solid ingredients to the ice cream mix: nuts, fruit pieces, cereals, chocolate etc.
Teknoice offers a range of feeding screws to choose between, depending on the selected ingredient.

The fruit feeder is available as electronic, allowing for precise dosing of ingredients to ensure the amount in each batch of ice cream is stable and precise.

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    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.