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Extruded ice cream (stickless)

Bars, bites, bon bons, individual desserts and logs can all be categorized as extruded ice creams without sticks. These products are extruded and then cut with a hot wire or blade.

All extruded items share a similar process, the main difference is the extruder being either vertical or horizontal. This simple detail allows a wider range of products to be produced on the same machine.

Ice cream bars are one of the most recent extruded ice creams and a perfect way to attract new target markets. They are quite simple in their production process and have the ability to surprise customers with new flavors or special fillings. They find their place in ice cream cabinets or supermarket freezers and can attract customers from various target groups. For example, fitness fanatics would be tempted by an ice cream protein bar.

Another upcoming trend is ‘bites’ or ‘bonbons’. Small portions of ice cream (sometimes very small!) that encourage indulgence without the guilt trip. Ice cream bites can attract both kids and adults thanks to the wide range of shapes and flavors that can be easily customized.

Individual desserts and bars are mainly purchased by HORECA and catering services, but also families for special occasions or holidays. Industrial ice cream producers can customize the shape, filling, coating, inclusions and more!

All the extruded ice creams are produced on Teknoline extrusion lines, which are normally bundled with a hardening tunnel and any of Teknoice’s wrapping machines.

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