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Teknoline Singlelane

Teknoline Singlelane: extrusion lines for industrial production of ice cream at up to 9000 pcs/h

Every ice cream factory needs an extrusion line: it is essential to produce extruded ice cream, sandwiches, ice cream bars and many other products.

Our extrusion line can be very flexible, allowing the production of new stick products by simply adding another extruder. With a dosing group specifically designed it is possible to make ball cones, flame cones etc.

Teknoice offers a range of alternatives to respond to all needs and help provide equipment to our customers that can achieve all their product possibilities. Our extrusion lines are not only designed for small and medium sized ice cream producers but also for trial or test products that need to be produced in smaller quantities for market feedback before increasing the volume.

  • Stainless steel main frame
  • Touch screen operation panel
  • Working table with extruding or dosing station
  • One set of trays
  • Pincers pick up
  • Isothermal box
  • Refrigerating unit FREON or CO2 running
  • Evaporators (for FREON, Ammonia and CO2)

Our extrusion lines can be used to produce a wide range of ice creams. On a Teknoline Single Line it is possible to have wafer cups, ball cones and much more. It is possible for items to have a chocolate coating or to be frozen in a hardening tunnel before being wrapped. This led to the creation of specific dosing groups that makes Teknoline machines even more flexible and suitable for everyone.

Our Team, thanks to many years of experience, can suggest which machine best responds to the specific need of each customer, whether a brand-new production or the addition of a line amongst others.

Simple and compact compared while still achieving quality products, Teknoice selects with great attention every part and material, regardless the size, to respect the standard of every producer.

Models proposed

Hourly production (pieces / hour)

SticksConesSandwichTwistMultilayerLogCandy bar
Teknoline 43500/40002500/3000-----
Teknoline 6-96000/90004000/62504000/62504500/60004500/6000600/8504500/8000

Contact us to find out more, or to choose the most suitable model for you:

    This model can be included in your production line, or as a module in our complete range for a whole production line.