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Ice cream cones are among the most consumed and well-known frozen treats worldwide.

The classic style of cone has ice cream as the main ingredient, topped with chocolate and nuts. Nowadays we can find a variety of endless flavors, shapes and styles.

Today’s industrial ice cream machines are able to produce almost any style of cone, making each ice cream different from the next.

Starting with the main filling which can be one or two flavors, every product can be enriched with chocolate – around the cone or inside the ice cream – and it can be decorated with syrups, caramel, chocolate toppings etc. To finish, each cone can have dry nuts or fruits on top, as well as other small, sweet decorations.

These are of course only examples: every industrial ice cream cone machine can be equipped with all the necessary working stations to create the desired ice cream cone.

Ball cones deserve a special mention. They are produced by filling the cone with ice cream and then sent through a hardening tunnel before being dipped in chocolate, with or without inclusions. Hardening tunnels are also needed for waffle cones and products that need to be hardened before the following steps (including wrapping).

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