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Ice Cream on a Stick: the manufacturing equipment you need

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There is no doubt. Ice cream or – even better – gelato, thanks to its amazing artisan soul, is the most beloved dessert of all. According to ExportUSA, 90% of Americans in the United States are enthusiastic consumers of ice cream. This is not a seasonal trend. A whopping 70% of Americans eat ice cream all year long. Many considerations affect ice cream sales, and one is certainly quality. Ask any ice cream manufacturer and the answer to what it takes to be competitive on the market is not just following the latest trends in products, but also relying on the right ice cream making machines to produce deliciousness. Teknoice offers a full range of ice cream making machines that can be fully customized, providing that “extra” edge to stand out from the crowd. 

One thing is sure: with the right equipment, ice cream makers can create ice cream that will never get out of fashion. In fact, they are even setting new trends by adding new health-conscious choices to timeless and everlasting preferred flavors, such as vanilla (#1 in the USA) and, no surprise here, chocolate. 

After all, everyone in the world loves ice cream, and the industry enjoys a vast market. In the United States in particular, the ice cream industry plays a significant role in American life and society. A product consumed by the average American in quantities of more than 23 lbs. a year takes on the part of certainty in life. However, boring never cut it for anyone. Thus, innovation in the world of ice cream-making is a must. Americans love new ice cream flavors to come around at least seasonally, and novelty products that enter the market attract attention every time. 

Therefore, whether American consumers buy ice cream at the supermarket or gelato at a small artisan shop, what counts is the product quality and vision. This is true especially for ice cream on a stick to enjoy alone or share with family and friends. Bringing joy to kids and adults alike, ice cream on a stick is the embodiment of fun thanks to the creative combinations of flavors, unique shapes (which may also feature the shapes of characters dear to children), coatings, swirls, and sweet cores of delicious ingredients. Who can resist such delights? 

Following trends, however, is of paramount importance to be successful in the market. Therefore, any company, new or established, that operates in this industry needs a production line that meets exactly the needs of its products and that can produce ice cream as envisioned. To meet these needs, Teknoice has developed an entire ice cream stick production line that can be fully customized to give shape – literally – to any ice cream on a stick your company has in mind. 

All ice cream on a stick manufacturing equipment by Teknoice can be adapted and personalized to the smallest detail, including layout, so you do not need to worry about space. 

Ice Cream on a Stick and the limitless options of imagination

Ice cream on a stick can take endless possible shapes and feature limitless flavors, coatings, and details. Spiral ice cream, anyone? How about a slice of ice cream cake on a stick? Or why not indulge in that crunchy coating with delicious nuts? Of course, sorbets, frozen yogurt, and ice cream made with innovative types of milk, such as almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk, to name just a few, are all the rage too.

In a recent survey, Ibis World reported that ice cream makers had seen a 40% increase in demand for premium ice cream and 15% for sorbets. This is also valid for ice cream on a stick that can incorporate another popular ingredient: fruit, such as strawberries.

Expressing one’s vision and producing creative products that match the market demand requires the right equipment. For this reason, Teknoice has designed ice cream on a stick manufacturing equipment that is customizable to meet the requirements of each customer. Teknoice loves to reiterate that not one piece of its ice cream on a stick manufacturing equipment is the same. Talk about freedom of customization…

What Ice Cream on a Stick Manufacturing Equipment do you need?

This question has an easy answer: anyone you want. Even if it may sound a bit generic, it is the truth. In fact, all those companies that wish to dedicate their production to the making of ice cream on a stick can benefit from Teknoice’s dedicated ice cream stick production line, which for this type of product may include, based on the wishes, needs, and budget of the customer: an extruder, a cutting system, a syrup tank, enrober, and doser, plus a hardening line, and a wrapping machine. 

Like for all ice cream on a stick products, the possibilities are endless also in terms of manufacturing equipment.

A critical element in deciding the type of ice cream stick production line depends greatly on the volume of ice cream your company wishes to produce. Teknoice offers productivity that ranges from 4000pcs/h up to 36000pcs/h, but since all the ice cream on a stick manufacturing equipment manufactured is custom designed, all you have to do is enquire.

Here are some of the ice cream on a stick machine equipment you may wish to learn more on.


To create excellent ice cream on a stick, one must choose the best ice cream on a stick making machine. Teknomix is indeed a specialized machine designed to pasteurize and homogenize, which are the first steps in making ice cream for both industrial and artisanal producers. Teknomix mixes the ingredients and breaks the particles into their smallest possible size, which in turn means a creamy and smooth final texture for fantastic ice cream.

Learn more here:  https://www.teknoice.com/pasteurisation/


TEKNOFREEZE CO2 is an ice cream freezing machine that features the latest in sustainability and low environmental impact. The Teknofreeze CO2 models, with a productivity range between 50 l/h and 4000l/h are perfect for producing any ice cream volume. Moreover, this piece of equipment is an ice cream stick making machine that is compact and easy to fit anywhere.

Choosing CO2 as refrigerant gas is the way of the future, and Teknoice knows this well. Count on it.

Learn more here: https://www.teknoice.com/freezer/teknofreeze-co2/


Teknoline is the core of the production line and must be chosen for each customer, considering the type and quantity of ice cream. 

Learn more here: https://www.teknoice.com/extrusion-and-hardening-lines/


Finally, as needed for all high-quality products, Teknoice offers an automatic wrapping machine for industrial ice cream that features a complete range of flowpack, standard or reversed, mono or multilane wrapping machines.

All you have to do is ask.

Learn more here: https://www.teknoice.com/wrapping/