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Environmental impact on ice cream production: CO2 refrigeration is energy efficient and sustainable

  • Posted by: Anna Rambaldi
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Any ice cream production company knows that high-quality products and high-efficiency equipment are fundamental for success. Nowadays, however, another critical factor plays a significant role in the industry: sustainability. How to combine all these aspects and stay on top of the game? A remarkable solution is using CO2 freezers. CO2 refrigeration offers extraordinary advantages, and these freezers are highly innovative, and explicitly designed to face the challenges of the current times. Let’s see how CO2 refrigeration can help ice cream manufacturers benefit from its many advantages.

Great Energy Savings

First, reducing energy consumption is always a significant step forward for any manufacturer. Ice cream manufacturers are not less affected than others in this regard. On the contrary, continuous refrigeration is indeed a considerable expense in the industry, together with refrigerated storage costs. Thus, any possibility to reduce energy consumption is welcome. 

Continuous freezing, as offered by CO2 freezers, can ensure it. Energy savings are indeed significant on filled products since it is easy to understand that an ice cream bucket that hardens faster undoubtedly leads to improved efficiency and less energy consumption.

The advantages, however, do not end here…

Yes, it is Good for the Environment

How does it feel to know that climate-friendly freezers are out there? We have already seen that they can reduce energy bills, but what other good can they do? Indeed, sustainable continuous freezers can help the environment. They are much less polluting since the gas they use (CO2) is non-toxic. This is a far cry from the current use of freon gas, which is increasingly more expensive and more regulated due to its toxicity, and even ammonia, which is hazardous. With a lower environmental impact, a CO2 refrigerant is an excellent environmentally friendly choice. This is good for the planet, but also for people’s health. Eating ice cream can become guilt-free even just by understanding the sustainable level of CO2 refrigerators. Not bad at all.

Better ice cream, yay!

There is another big perk that comes with eating ice cream manufactured using continuous ice cream freezing methods. CO2 freezers allow hardening ice cream a lot faster, which leads to significant energy savings, as we have already explained, but also – and equally importantly – to a finer structure of the ice cream itself. Continuous ice cream freezing methods ensure a creamier and better-tasting ice cream overall. Indeed, any tasting competition would rank ice-creams production using CO2 freezers among the best. This is a quality goal to strive for.

Increased Safety

Last but not least, of significant importance from a manufacturer’s standpoint is that CO2 freezers are safer than traditional ones. In CO2 freezers, in fact, the CO2 storage unit can be located outside of the freezer. This means increased safety for the operators and the plant. 

For those who love the best: Teknofreeze CO2 by Teknoice 

Italy-based Teknoice is a dynamic and leading company with extensive experience in ice cream-making equipment. It is also the first on the market to offer CO2 freezers that feature all the benefits that this innovative technology has to offer:

  • High-refrigeration power,
  • Energy savings,
  • Shorter hardening time,
  • Greater safety,
  • Superior ice-cream quality.

The company is currently launching new options for its CO2 freezers. Some of these are the possibility of switching between Freon gas and CO2 on the same machine and/or having a CO2 freezer featuring a centralized unit on the same piece of equipment.

Eight CO2 freezer models from the Teknofreeze line are available. They offer a variety of production capacities and compact sizes. All units are 3-phase 400Vac and range in cooling capacity from 17 to 104 Kw, with productivity between 50 l/h and 4000l/h.

Standard features such as lobe extraction pumps ensure low maintenance and high durability; the dasher optimizes beating of the mixture to create smaller ice cream crystals for an even creamier and more enjoyable result and a Siemens touch-screen control panel allows the operators to enter parameters and monitor equipment operation with accuracy and ease.

Among the range, double extraction pumps versions allow the machine to be connected to two different production lines at the same time.

The brand new design ensures a maximized use of space and the greatest flexibility for those ice cream manufacturers with forward-thinking choices.

Thanks to its experience and wide variety of product lines, Teknoice can meet the needs of any ice cream manufacturer. Learn more about the innovative CO2 freezer technology of the Teknofreeze line at: