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Teknoice celebrates its 30th anniversary

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Founded in 1992, Teknoice celebrates its 30th anniversary of presence on the market of industrial ice cream machines sharing its milestones and achievements of these years, while looking forward to future opportunities.

Teknoice celebrates 30th anniversary


In 1992, Luigi Ferrarini, Claudio Conte, Ugo Maggi and Gian Carlo Maganza met with the intent of improving the technology behind industrial ice cream machines, therefore enhancing ice cream products such as cones, sticks and so on: that’s when they founded Teknoice s.r.l.

Since the early days, Company’s objectives have focused on top quality, highest technology, and industry improvement. Today, the organization maintains that unity with over 1300 clients all over the world.

The main goal of Teknoice is to support the ice cream industry by developing high quality industrial ice cream machines, understanding client’s interests, and providing the best solutions to ice cream producers. Teknoice is constantly developing and installing new technologies to meet the needs of the ever-changing ice cream industry.


Teknoice invites its members, partners, and closest customers to acknowledge all that they have achieved together over the last thirty years and to look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

This year Teknoice celebrates its 30 years on the market with the following exciting events and milestones:

ITAGO ACQUIRES TEKNOICE: After 30 years of hard work, Teknoice opened-up to new investors, new management, and new opportunities. There is a time when any successful organization faces the challenge of moving on from one generation to the next one. Know-how, shared experiences, new technologies and trends blend into something new: that is what will keep pace with old and new market needs and allow Teknoice to go one step further.

OUR UNI EN ISO9001:2015 CERTIFICATION: at Teknoice quality has always been a key element at all stages. From selecting the best suppliers and materials to a focus on details during production. For Teknoice’s team achieving the UNI EN ISO9001:2015 quality certification was an obvious and necessary step: this year Teknoice gladly share this news. Nothing changed in every day’s routine, but now Teknoice can certify to its customers that it will keep offering the highest quality, just as always. This thanks to a series of protocols that are now being constantly and steadily followed and certified in all internal procedures.

CO2 INNOVATION, TEKNOICE AS LEADER IN CO2 SOLUTIONS: Teknoice has taken the climate change issue seriously, introducing CO2 as alternative refrigerant gas to Freon. This important choice allows all customers to install a greener refrigerant, which is intended to rapidly replace the Freon refrigerant gas. CO2 involves zero emissions, up to 22% of energy saving, higher productivity and highest product quality. Teknoice celebrates its 30 years of experience with constant innovation: it is ready to assist all ice cream producers interested in implementing this innovative technology, offering its know-how as technological leader in CO2 solution.

A BRAND-NEW WEB SITE: Teknoice has re-designed its web site to be more user friendly and content driven. The new site was launched early last year to become a valuable resource for members and consumers. However, behind a new and fresh look, Teknoice is still the same: its Team is a solid group you can trust that delivers the best Italian quality in industrial Ice Cream equipment since 1992.