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Innovation in ice cream is everything about seeing customers happy and returning. Today the market is very competitive and only those who can follow the ice cream trends can guarantee themselves a successful season.

Industrial ice cream knows no stop in sales: the increasing temperatures and the will of enjoying a sweet fresh dessert at home make this product easy to be sold. But how to be the chosen one among the many ice cream novelties available in the refrigerated shelves of the supermarkets?


First ice cream trend is about shapes: children will love to see their favorite characters depicted on their threat, adults will enjoy the flavor well mixed and offered in something unusual.

To achieve those new shapes, ice cream must be hard and dry enough to be cut precisely and nicely. It is not just a matter of temperature: the mix must be treated with the right technique and technology.



Low calories ice cream, protein ice cream, vegan ice cream. We’re sure you know that customers are now looking for guilt-free ice creams: help them. They mostly know they should eat healthier, but they are constantly tempted by fats and sugars. But why should they have to choose? With today’s technologies it is possible to make ice cream which is both tasty and healthy. There are huge opportunities for such new products: it’s the ice cream trend you can’t help listening to.

But achieving those mixes and get them out of your high-production lines with infallible repeatability isn’t easy. To get there, you need to use better raw ingredients, along with special recipes to get excellent taste into your final industrial ice cream. Natural oils, plant-based milks, natural sweeteners are just a few examples. Our suggestion is to invest into your R&D team, and on high quality continuous freezers to transform all these healthy raw ingredients into the best ice cream novelty.


The use of CO2 as refrigerant is the green solution expected to rapidly replace F-gases. It is both very efficient, green and cheap, capable of overall better performances with energy saving up to 50%. And by the way, F-gases are already subject to limitations in the European Community, which caused a surge in prices for various types of Freon. This regulatory trend is expected to expand worldwide, in the most righteous attempt to curb global warming.

But when it comes to new trends, “green”, “cheap” and “efficient” are not the greatest features in CO2. What should interest most is its ability of making your ice cream perfect in texture and dryness. Tests confirm that all shapes and mixes are easy to be produced with Teknoice’s CO2 continuous freezers.

Some of the features and benefits of Teknofreeze™ CO2 include:

  • vast range in production capacity of ice cream and sorbets: from 90 l/h up to 4000 l/h and more
  • Best texture and quality of final product, thanks to its special dasher design
  • Continuous supply for non-stop production
  • production of ice-cream and sorbets even with fibers, small seeds, and inclusions up to 2 – 3 millimeters
  • High freezing potential, enabling production of the newest veg and protein-rich ice cream recipes

Besides its CO2 series, the whole Teknofreeze™ range share the same high-end features regardless of refrigerant used: they are  easy to install, need no special maintenance and come either with piston or lobe pumps – the latter allowing gentle handling of fibre and fine inclusions-for rich recipes.


Watch the video of our customer INCOM Leone, who completely switched to CO2 and is now one of Europe’s top players in innovation: