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Service Team Meeting: together to improve

  • Posted by: Alessia Vicinanza
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This week at our Headquarters in Buccinasco, Italy, our Service Team gathered from all the world to discuss how to improve readiness, speed of response and closeness to our clients.

Placing customers at the center, they discussed how to improve themselves and, as a result, Teknoice’s Service.

Service meeting Teknoice


These last years the world situation changed and made travels difficult. This did not stop our men, who still took their tools and went to assist where and when needed: we at Teknoice understood it was important, so did they.

Our After Sales Manager happily welcomed some of our Service Team that could fly over: in a three-days-long meeting, they had the chance to deeply analyze their job and make it even more efficient.
Being globally available means being able to organize, prepare and finalize all tasks with a good timing, precision and with no doubt about what to do.


The meeting also allowed an update of our Team so that our customers are always sure to receive assistance from a fast and expert Teknoice’s member.

CO2 has been an important chapter: as we believe it is the future of the ice cream industry, we reviewed with our Service Team the most important features and needed information to have on hand when they need to install it.

Some of them, of course, were already aware of what we talked about, as our customers around the world are already using this great technology. Still, as said, our R&D Team never sleeps, so updates are always in the agenda.


Our Service Team travels all the world over to install new machines, and to assist our customers.

Here at Teknoice we strongly believe in a ready-to-help Service Team: it is an essential point to make all customers happy, granting them a smooth, trouble-free and continuous production. While prevention is always the goal, we do know that sometimes it is just necessary to get things back to work, quickly.

In the end, our biggest thanks to our Service Team, the guys that help us making our customers happy!

Teknoice - customer care meeting 2022

…and yes, we had fun too!


A few words about our After Sale Team: global assistance is possible thanks to these people who can visit our customers, but it’s not the only building block in the picture. We also have a very fast and responsive Team working from Italy: our Software Team technicians that thanks to Teleservice can check machines remotely, a Spare Parts Team that thinks ahead of problems to help you preventing issues.
That’s what being close to our customers means!