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Ripple Pump: How to use it to Create the Best Swirls in Ice Creams and Sorbets

  • Posted by: Matteo Avelli
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A ripple pump is the ultimate ice cream making machine accessory, providing exactly what every industrial ice cream maker needs: a perfect way to customize ice cream creations by adding swirls of syrup, fudge, or fruit into the ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet.

Swirling all the way with a Swirl Pump

Okay, so you got your ice cream production line all set up and working wonders. You have the best ice creams, too. The perfect recipes, the perfect ingredients, and the perfect machines to conquer the market. However, something is amiss. Just that last detail that makes all the difference in the world. A ribbon of fudge, a swirl of caramel, or even a touch of delicious fruit… All great ideas. And to turn them into a practical application, you need a variegator pump.

This machine may seem like just an add-on to a perfectly functional production line, but it holds the secret to creating variegated frozen desserts that are both delicious in terms of taste and visual appealing. Moreover, it allows for precise product layering, resulting in a fabulous outcome with maximum dosing efficiency.

But What type of Ice Cream can you Make with a Ribbon Pump?

The possibilities are limitless, as the variations are as many as one’s imagination can create. However, there are old time classics that are still very popular and top the charts, while others are more modern and bolder, the ideal for those who love to dare and try something new. Need a few examples? Here they are:

  • Chocolate fudge swirls
  • Caramel swirls
  • Strawberry swirls
  • Raspberry swirls
  • Mint chocolate swirls
  • Mixed berry swirls
  • Fruit juice swirls
  • Salted caramel swirls
  • Fruit puree swirls
  • Citrus zest swirls
  • Marshmallow swirls
  • Herb or spice swirls
  • Mocha swirls
  • Matcha swirls 
  • Cookie dough swirls
  • Peanut butter swirls
  • and even Nutella swirls! 

The Advantages are Just as Many

In terms of advantages, a swirl pump a multitude of perks and endless variegation possibilities. 

First and foremost , a ripple pump saves significant time  and effort in creating layers of product and adding swirls. Doing it the old-fashioned way is significantly less efficient. 

Furthermore, the end result is greatly improved since the machine is programmed for accurate dosing and ensures precise control over the amount and flow rate of the variegated ingredients. Swirl thickness and distribution are enhanced, resulting in consistent production of high-quality products..

Moreover, swirl pumps handle a continuous flow of variegated ingredients in large volumes, boosting productivity.

Last but not least, sauces, syrups, fruit purees, and chocolate fudge can be added with versatility and creativity, giving life to flavor combinations and swirl patterns that can turn any frozen dessert into a wonder impossible to resist. By using a swirl pump, you and your creations can truly stand out from the crowd.”

An Easy Operation for a Sophisticated End Result

The operation of a swirl pump is rather simple. As its name suggests, a swirl pump consists of a housing, an inlet for the ice cream base, an inlet for the variegated ingredient (such as sauce or syrup), and an outlet for the combined mixture.

The machine is powered by a motor that provides the necessary pumping action. As the mixture passes through the swirl pump, rotating blades create a swirling motion ensuring even distribution of the variegated ingredient throughout the dessert base (ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet) in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The outlet of the pump is connected to the filling or packaging equipment, which delivers the variegated product into containers or molds. That’s it, but the end result is indeed high-end and worth the investment.

The Teknoice Ripple Pump: Features and Functions

Teknoice designs and manufactures a whole range of innovative machines for the ice cream making industry. Of course, their catalog wouldn’t be complete without a high-quality variegator. Designed to work in-line with continuous ice cream freezers and entirely built in stainless steel, Teknoice’s ripple machine has been designed for perfect and continuous flow of syrup or sauce into the ice cream.

One of Teknoice’s exclusive technical innovations is the combination of a gear pump and a speed variator with an inverter. This ensures maximum accuracy since it avoids pulse feeding the product, that was common with piston pumps, for a more consistent and high-quality end result. In addition, the swirl pump is small and easy to move since it comes equipped with wheels and it has been designed specifically to be affordable.

Teknoice as your Best Ally for a Perfectly Variegated Ice Cream

Whether you wish to produce high volume ice cream or you have an “artisanal” approach to your ice cream making, Teknoice is your best ally for the industrial production of ice cream and frozen desserts. The Company offers a vast selection of production machines, including small add-on machines that allow the perfect variegation of products for an ultimate swirl! Quality and ease of use, combined with the best value for money are what make Teknoice your partner in the success of your ice cream making business. Contact Teknoice today for a free consultation!