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Our resolutions for 2022

  • Posted by: Ana Cuellar
  • Category: NEWS

Charles Dickens would have said: It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

There’s no doubt 2021 will be remembered as a year rife with difficulties: the pandemics evolved into new undesirable consequences in the supply chain, while still hovering on us all with its tail of lock-downs.

And yet this was also a fantastic year for Teknoice: led by its founders, our company records its best year ever.
2021 has also been the year when Teknoice opened-up to new investors, new management and new opportunities.
Any successful organization sooner or later faces a challenge: there comes a time when one generation hands the helm over to the next.
Know-how, shared experiences, new technologies and trends thus blend into something new.
It is this blend that allows us to keep pace with old and new market needs.

And so founders, managers and all Teknoice’s staff wish to thank you for this record year.
Our good resolution for the new year is to keep on earning your trust and your support, always offering innovative and reliable solutions. Always helping our customers make their ice cream the best.

Because you have the idea. We just make it cool.

May the Christmas Season and the New Year bring tidings of happiness, fulfillment, achievement to you all.

Luigi Ferrarini & Antonio Staffoni