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Back to the future 2022: our global sales meeting

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A whole week to dip fingers and toes into all our latest news, innovations, evolutions and solutions for the industrial ice cream production.

That was the purpose of our “Back to the future” global sales meeting, started this past Monday and just ended today.

Held between Italy and Slovenia, it gathered sales agents from all the world to discuss about Technology, market trends, world situation: many things changed since Teknoice’s “day zero” 30 years ago.

Teknoice global sales meeting


People from all the world traveled to Italy to take a closer look to what Teknoice is today.

An opportunity for Mr. Ferrarini, one of the founders of the company, to introduce ITAGO private equity fund, shareholder since last year, and the future generation that will lead Teknoice.


The meeting began with a visit to INCOM Leone ice cream factory in Slovenia, with an impressive overview of the improvements that our R&D Team carried out in these years.

Back to Italy, a deeper dive into Teknoice’s technology: with CO2 in the star role, but also to introduce more specific innovations at all stages of the industrial ice cream production.

CO2 continuous freezers are Teknoice’s game changers: thanks to a new design they are now ready to help all kind of customers and take ice cream quality to another stage.

The family of filling machines is getting bigger: innovative solutions to widen our range and to suit all requests are being developed. No spoilers here, but stay tuned, there will be soon more to read about it.

What about Tunnels and extrusion lines? CO2 plays a role here as well, but not only that: the R&D team has been focusing on market trends, finding out how to create innovative products that can win on the shelves. It is not a secret: if customers win, Teknoice wins.

Wrapping lines are well known globally, as our Multilane wrapper is the machine for big numbers. Precision and add-ons turn this machine into the top choice.

And yes, during the meeting the Team could really dig into the most important matters, so that all the most innovative solutions were presented, and all agents are aware of how to solve customers’ issues.


“Back to the future” was also a great moment of sharing: people from all the world over could meet, talk and discover how ice cream market is evolving on parallel paths everywhere, still with differences in tastes and country-specific trends.

Surely, Teknoice agents have now a more detailed and complete view of the global ice cream market: this might be the right time to get in touch with the closest one to discover which product to release next.

Indulgence on a side, special diets on the other, ice cream customers worldwide are demanding new ideas: technology comes in help to get results never reached before.

Our partners LAIeF, Packint and Cold Car joined the party, to introduce or renew their message and present their product range.


Every good story comes to an end: the meeting ended with a tour of not only Teknoice, but also of our partner companies. The whole group visited all facilities in the greater Milan area: all these companies are 100% Made in Italy!

While in Teknoice, we all had a time to thank once again the founders of this company, cheering them with some Italian bubbles and some birthday cake: thirty years are a long time and saying goodbye to these “grown up kids” is surely not easy. Still, the new generation is ready to take the lead: different names but same quality, to continue with its strong heritage.

Teknoice global sales meeting


Teknoice would like to thank everyone all participants to this event: it has been interesting but also surprising to see once again how the company is grown, and our capacity to have people from all the corners of the world come together. It has been a pleasure to spend this time talking about ice cream but also to chat in a friendly atmosphere, just like in a big family, just like Teknoice has always been.