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Teknoice’s 2022 Recap

  • Posted by: Alessia Vicinanza
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Teknoice recap

The end of the Year is approaching, it is time to sum up what this 2022 has brought.

Here in Teknoice we luckily have only positive notes, thanks to our never ending will to make our ice cream equipment always better for our customers. Innovation is on our R&D desktops every day and our Sales Team has finally started again to travel globally, meeting customers and studying each ice cream project with them.


Innovation is about future, but it is our present: this 2022 has seen our flagship product installed worldwide. Quality and sustainable products are two of the most interesting and growing trends in the food industry: ice cream makes no exception. With our CO2 Freezers customers can respond to both this needs and they are seeing great benefits.

Our CO2 Freezer is pure innovation, and we are glad to see our “grown up kid” used by our top customers. We are also offering a trial period to see it at work: interested? Let us know!


Freezers are not all, though: our R&D is enhancing all our machines. Another example is our Teknowrap Multilane, the wrapping machine appreciated by our customers for its precision and the great flexibility in the use of any wrapping material. That is another way to be more sustainable, i.e., better in your customers’ eyes.


As you may already know, our agents are located just everywhere. Our Team is not just only in Italy but spread around: it is essential for us to be as close to our customers as possible. It means quick responses. This does not only apply to Sales Manager but also to Technicians that are ready to go and help.

Distances are short and so is waiting time: we understand that fast delivery, installation and assistance is essential.

But 2022 is also the year that saw fairs getting back to normality after a long pause due to the pandemic situation. We could finally meet again our customers: we take this chance to thank once again all of you who came to our stands worldwide.

Last but not least, 2022 is the year that could see all our staff gathering here at our HQ in Italy: our Team is constantly updated and a meeting to talk in deep allowed everyone to study our latest news.

Sales Managers and Technicians separately came to Italy to study and be able to offer you always our best.


After a positive year for everyone in the ice cream market, we wish everyone to continue on the same path. Whether you need to increase quality or quantity (or both!), we are ready to assist you: after a forced period of digitalized events, videocalls and workaround to cope with the global situation, we long to shake hands.