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Teknoice at SAUDI Food Manufacturing 2024: Visit us Hall 1, Stand E1 – 26

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Event Details:
Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024
Date: April 30th – May 2nd, 2024
Location: Riyadh, Saudi
Stand: E1 – 26
Hall: 1

Teknoice is thrilled to announce our participation in the Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024, the event for the food processing and manufacturing sector, taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is a prime opportunity for professionals from across the industry to explore the latest innovations in food technology.

A Spectrum of Specialized Equipment

Teknoice’s extends beyond our CO2 Continuous Freezers. We are eager to present a full spectrum of specialized equipment, catering to a variety of ice cream production requirements. Our experts look forward to guiding you through our extensive range of industrial and semi-industrial ice cream machinery:

– TEKNOFILL Filling Machines: Discover the precision, adaptability, and effectiveness of our TEKNOFILL line, providing versatile filling solutions for an array of ice cream types and packaging.

– TEKNOLINE Extrusion and Hardening Systems: Experience the precision and efficiency of our TEKNOLINE systems in ice cream extrusion and hardening processes, vital for superior product quality in any modern ice cream production setup.

– Unique Offerings: Engage with our innovative solutions like the MULTILINE system for intricate production requirements and the FRUIT FEEDER for incorporating fruits and flavors into ice cream, showcasing Teknoice’s commitment to enhancing ice cream production technology.

Networking with Industry Experts

Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024 serves as a dynamic platform for learning, networking, and connecting with leaders in the industry. Our team at Teknoice is ready to share insights, discuss custom solutions for your production challenges, and assist with any inquiries about upgrading your equipment or exploring new production methods.

Join Us at Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024

We invite you to delve into the latest in ice cream production technology with Teknoice at this year’s Saudi Food Manufacturing. Make sure to visit our booth, where you can interact with our machinery firsthand and learn how it can streamline your production processes. For more information on our booth location and event activities, feel free to contact us directly.