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Pioneering Sustainable Ice Cream Packaging: Teknoice’s Successful Test of Recyclable Barrier Paper by Billerud®

  • Posted by: Matteo Avelli
  • Category: BLOG

Teknoice, a leading ice cream machine manufacturer, has taken a remarkable step towards sustainable ice cream packaging by successfully testing recyclable barrier paper with heat seal properties. Developed by Billerud, a world-leading multinational company specializing in sustainable packaging materials, this recyclable paper packaging has the potential to transform the ice cream industry, significantly reducing plastic usage and CO2 production.

Billerud’s  Sustainable Innovation

As the demand for sustainable products grows, the ice cream industry faces mounting pressure to adopt environment friendly packaging solutions. By developing sustainable papers and recyclable materials, Billerud has established itself as a key player in reducing the environmental impact of packaging. Recyclable Barrier Paper with heat seal properties is a testament to Billerud’s dedication to sustainable innovation, as it offers a recyclable paper-based solution specifically designed for flow wrap packaging applications.

The Role of Teknoice

Teknoice’s expertise in ice cream and packaging equipment made them the ideal partner to assess the compatibility and effectiveness of Recyclable barrier paper. Teknoice conducted comprehensive testing of Recyclable barrier paper with their ice cream machines, and the results were very positive. The barrier-coated paper performed exceptionally well, which encourage us to move forward and present the concept to the ice cream industry  This successful test run marks a significant milestone in the ongoing pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions for the ice cream industry.

 Advantages for the Ice Cream Industry

The successful test of Recyclable Barrier Paper offers several advantages to the ice cream industry:

Sustainable Packaging: Ice cream manufacturers can transition from traditional plastic film to fully recyclable paper-based packaging, reducing their environmental footprint. Recyclable as paper method PTS-RH:021/97.

Reduced CO2 Emissions: The shift to recyclable paper packaging can contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions during the production stage, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Consumer Appeal: Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly favouring brands that prioritise sustainability. Embracing Recyclable Barrier Paper can boost brand reputation and attract eco-minded customers.


The successful test of Recyclable barrier paper, Heat Seal by Billerud represents a significant stride towards sustainable ice cream packaging. As the ice cream industry seeks eco-friendly alternatives to reduce plastic usage and carbon emissions, this innovative paper-based solution offers a promising way forward. Teknoice’s collaboration with Billerud showcases the power of partnerships in driving environmental stewardship and encouraging other businesses to follow suit. With Billerud´s recyclable barrier paper, the ice cream industry takes a remarkable step towards a greener and more sustainable future.