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The VARIEGATION MACHINE is an innovative machine used with continuous freezer lines to produce variegated ice cream with high-density syrup or caramel. 

UPON REQUEST the Variegation Pump is available in special versions, which is suitable to be used with liquid chocolate with a double-walled hopper with electrical resistance heating.

Mechanical features and operation principle
Made entirely of stainless steel, the TEKNOICE variegation machine is designed for better and more precise distribution of a continuous flow of syrup or caramel in the ice cream flow. The combined action of the gear pump and inverter speed controlled variegator, an innovation introduced by TEKNOICE, guarantees this function with absolute precision, thus avoiding variation of product feeding, which can occur with typical piston pumps.
A large hopper for the syrup of over 100 kg capacity enables continuous flow during production, without having to refill it. By default, the machine is supplied assembled on wheels to enable easy movement.

Control and safety devices
The machine is equipped with a safety valve and complies with EEC Directive 89/392. All data, technical drawings, photographs, illustrations and statements reported in this publication are for general information purposes and may be subject to changes without prior notice. All data and technical drawings are the exclusive property of TEKNOICE and unauthorised use is therefore prohibited.

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