TEKNOFILL 36 Riempitrice automatica lineare a 12 FILE Riempitrice automatica lineare a 12 FILE Riempitrice automatica lineare a 12 FILE

12-WIDE automatic linear filling machine to dose and fill ice cream cups, cones and stackable tubs with ice cream and/or sorbet

Capacity from 14,400 to 36,000 pieces/hour
Mechanical capacity: 20 - 50 strokes per minute

The basic machine, which provides one cup format and one cone format, is composed of the following stations:

- Automatic container feeding
- Automatic cone feeding
- Cone presence verification station with photocell

- Cone calibration
- Volumetric-type chocolate spraying station with the possibility to adjust the quantity of sprayed chocolate

- Pneumatic-type timed 1-2 colour ice cream dosing station, with 12 individual valves. Dosing quantity adjustment.

- Three bypass valves are assembled in order to deviate the flow of ice cream in the event of machine stop.

- Chocolate topping dosing station
- Dry topping distribution station. Composed of a vibrating hopper and output lanes.
 The dose amount can be adjusted independently for each cone.

- Lid positioning station
- Lid seaming/clamping
- Dater support bar
- Final product ejection station

OPTIONAL: Robot product pick-up from the filling machine to the trays in the hardening tunnel.

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