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TEKNOICE tubs filling machine is a semi-automatic machine used to fill rectangular- or square-shaped tubs having a capacity of approximately 1 to 5 litres. Used with the ice cream continuous freezers line, this machine can simultaneously fill tubs with a maximum of three flavours.

Mechanical features and operating principle
Built entirely in stainless steel, this especially solid and robust machine is designed to fulfil the requirements of small to medium-sized operations. The basic machine is composed of:

• A stainless steel sliding surface complete with adjustable support guides for rectangular or square tubs of various sizes onto which the operator positions the tubs to be filled.

• Stainless steel timed dosing machine, which is directly connected to one or more continuous freezers, descends into the tub and fills it up to programmed weight. Then, the dosing machine goes up again and the cycle starts again with other tubs to fill.
The vertical movement of the dosing machine is pneumatically activated. 
The dosing cycle varies and is controlled by a timer.

• Stainless steel type IP65 electrical panel
• Adjustable height for the machine feet

Control and safety devices. The machine complies with EEC Directive 89/392.

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