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What distinguishes the machine most is its exceptional versatility in diversifying the type of production.
You only have to insert three data points from the control panel: the quantity of ice cream coming from the continuous freezer, the capacity of the container, and its height so that the machine, based on the information inserted, automatically configures the movements of the dosing machines

1, 2, 3, or 4-WIDE automatic linear filling machine to dose and fill ice cream cups, cones and stackable tubs with ice cream and/or sorbet.

Capacity from 1.200 to 6.000 pieces/hour
Mechanical capacity : 5 - 25 strokes per minute

The basic machine, which provides one cup format and one cone format, is composed of the following stations:
- Automatic cup feeding
- Automatic coupled cone feeding
- Cone calibration
- Chocolate-spraying station with the possible to adjust the quantity of sprayed chocolate‚Ä®
- Pneumatic-type timed 1-2 colour ice cream dosing station
- Chocolate topping dosing station
- Dry topping distribution station
- Lid positioning station
- Lid sealing/crimping station
- Final product ejection station

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