The special, unique and exclusive design developed by TEKNOICE is the result of over 40 years' experience in the ice cream sector, which has expanded over time in Italy and worldwide. TEKNO-ICE freezers are now exported around the world and have proven to work well, even in countries that have a high level of humidity and high room temperatures in the processing area.


- High production flexibility

- Special care in choosing materials, which are all top quality, to guarantee robustness, corrosion resistance and durability.
- Detailed design incorporated to facilitate maintenance.
- A tubular condenser that can be opened for manual and chemical cleaning

- Refrigerator compressor with an built-in semi-sealed piston (if there should be a malfunction, can be opened and adjusted), which is more reliable and efficient than a sealed compressor.

- Automatic freezer barrel pressure adjustment

- It is possible to adjust the hot gas with maximum precision

- Use of a dual-piston pump (patented) with the following advantages:
  • Simple, economic maintenance
  • Precise measurement of the mix/air quantity input in the freezer barrel
  • Possible to use mixes with fruit pulp or small seeds or fibre
  • No direct contact between the pump body and pistons.

- All models are set-up to be connected with a C.I.P. cleaning unit with a program incorporated into the freezer controls.

- High-performance refrigeration system
- Production of especially firm, consistent ice cream, reaching temperature levels up to -9°C.

- It is possible to connect directly to the factory's compressed air network because the system includes filter systems for condensation discharge, oil separator, active carbon filter and sterilised cartridge. 

- Energy saving
- All our products are designed to obtain maximum energy saving and the best production capacity/energy consumption ratio.
- All our freezers are in compliance with EEC standards and comply with hygiene and anti-pollution regulations in place
- Machines are ready-to-use once all required electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out.
- Kit, standard spare parts included with the basic machine purchase