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Applications The TEKNOICE fruit dispenser is used in connection with the ice cream continuous freezer to add solid and small pieces of ingredients (such as hazelnut grains, chocolate chips, dried or candied fruit, etc.) in the ice cream flow in order to obtain filled, enriched ice cream.
The machine can be thus directly connected to a cup, cone, container and tub filling machine.


Mechanical features and operating principle This especially solid and robust machine is designed to fulfil the requirements of medium to large-sized industries. Its AISI 304 stainless steel structure does not change with time and protects against acid attacks and rust. The standard machine is supplied on wheels to facilitate handling and is equipped with a transparent door located at the hopper feeding closure, from where it is possible to control proper operation and refilling. The presence of three frequency inverters, which are identical and interchangeable with each other, ensure independent control of each motor. The machine is furthermore set-up to be connected to a closed-circuit cleaning system (C.I.P.), thus avoiding disassembly of the most important parts.

What distinguishes the TEKNOICE machine is the blades feeding pump, whose positive action enables you to input ingredients in the ice cream flow, which come from the freezer in a constant manner, thus preventing the structure from altering.

The operation principle, which is in four phases, is very simple and effective.The ingredients are introduced into the hopper equipped with an agitator to prevent lumps from developing. Passing them through a variable speed auger guarantees their constant feeding to the feeding pump. The variable speed feeding pump, which is equipped with blades, receives the ingredients and, by dosing them perfectly, inputs them into the ice cream flow coming from one or more continuous freezers. Lastly, a mixer equipped with a speed variator provides further uniform distribution of the ingredients.

Control and safety devices The machine complies with EEC Directive 89/392.The upper door of the machine is equipped with a magnetic safety sensor that stops the agitator motor if opened.All motors are equipped with electronically-controlled speed by means of a frequency inverter. 

We recommend sending product samples and recipes for suitability tests on the machine, together with the order confirmation.



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