• TEKNOFILL 12 - 18


TEKNOFILL 12 - 18 Dosaggio granella Dosaggio gelato Nastro uscita Magazzini coppe

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4-WIDE (TEKNOFILL 12) or 6-WIDE (TEKNOFILL 18) automatic linear filling machine to dose and fill ice cream cups, cones and stackable tubs with ice cream or sorbet.

Capacity from 4,800 to 12,000 pieces/hour with the TEKNOFILL 12 

Capacity from 7,200 to 18,000 pieces/hour with TEKNOFILL 18

The basic machine, which provides one cup format and one cone format, is composed of the following stations:
- Containers automatic feeding.
- Cones automatic feeding
- Cone calibration
- Chocolate spraying station composed of a insulated hopper, spray nozzles, pneumatic volumetric pump
- 1-2 colour ice cream dosing station. Pneumatically timed dosing with quantity adjustment.
- Chocolate topping dosing station.
- Dry topping distribution station. Composed of a vibrating hopper and output lanes. The dose amount can be adjusted independently for each cone.

- Lid positioning station.

- Lid sealing/crimping.

- Vertical ejection station with side belts that transport the cones to the output belt for subsequent hardening and packaging The cups are ejected vertically and placed directly onto the output belt.

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